P. Herbert Douteil CSSp
Projekt Jesuskind
Diözese Cruzeiro do Sul / Brasilien

Missionsarbeit am Oberlauf des Amazonas

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New Foundation established:
The former Project "Child Jesus of Nazareth" became foundation
Cruzeiro do Sul, 27.07.2007

Outside it is cold and rainy with an overcast sky. Inside there is happiness and gratitude. Today is date, July 16, 2007. At 8:52, we gathered for the deliberative assembly in order to change the "Project" into the Foundation of the Child Jesus of Nazareth. The assembly was directed by Dr Luis Padilha, juridical advisor for the Diocese of Cruzeiro do Sul.

Since I had begun the project, I had the privilege of opening the session with prayer and words of welcome. For me it was easy to summarize the last 5 years. I remembered the visit of Martin Ruppenthal of the "Christoffer-Blinden-Mission" in September, 2002 and the discovery of so many challenged children. I thanked our collegues, Dr Angelica and Vanilza who have worked with us since the beginning. I mentioned the visits of Dr Lotar Biskup and his wife Monice, Dr Renata and Nina who offered their professional advice and medical consultations during those years. I remembered the financial and profession help of "Christoffel-Blinden-Mission" and the "Obra Ponficicia da Sagrada Infancia", both based in Germany.

Now we are completing Phase I. It is happening on a very special day - the feast of Sts. Joaquim and Ann, the parents of Mary, our Blessed Mother. They were a humble family, looked down upon by the world. However, it was there that the miracle of the birth of the Mother of our Savior took place and where she was educated. We think of the Family of Nazareth and the simple life lived by Jesus, Mary and Joseph. This was the reason that we chose the name for the Project - The Child Jesus of Nazareth. We know also that Jesus was always united of the family to the Holy Trinity.

Dr Luis conducted the assembly and read paragraph by paragraph the text of the Statutes which had been carefully prepared. It was approved by acclamation without changes. It had been previously approved by the City Justice Department. Elections followed. They were: President - Fr Herbert Douteil, CSSP for 1 year.
Vice-President - Valderi - who will assume the Presidency after 1 year (thus making it a truly Brazilian foundation)
Secretary - Valdenisio
Treasurer - Silvani
The Supervisory Council - Dr Luis Mario Padilha, Irmao Alberto
and Joaquim Neto Sabino da Costa
Substitutes for the Council - Maria Alzunivia, Mirian de Paula and Maria Claudenice, presently three of the case workers.
Social Collaborators - "Christoffel-Blinden-Mission" and "Obra Pontificia da Sagrada Infancia"

Thus the FOUNDATION CHILD JESUS OF NAZARETH is constituted as a juridical person of private rights, without profits, with administrative and financial autonomy, for an undetermined period of time during its activities. It's home base is in the Clinic Santa Maria situated at Avenida Getulio Vargas, 805, Centro, Cruzeiro do Sul-AC. At the conclusion of the assembly, Fr Herbert thanked all present.
Outside, the rain continued -but inside happiness and satisfaction were visible in the faces as shown in the photographs.

May this work continue for many, many years - we have already succeeded in transforming the lives of many families, have brought light and happiness to so many challenged persons and have given them a quality of life that they had never experienced. "This is the major gratification that we ourselves have received during our work" were the words of all of the collaborators. It is possible to wait for even more?

That gratitude will be transmitted to you, friends known and unknown, who are reading these words. It is only by means of your help that it was possible to found this work and give to it the necessary means to exist until today and to initiate the financial account whose interest will help the work continue also in the future.

Some little stories of success...

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