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Projekt Jesuskind
Diözese Cruzeiro do Sul / Brasilien

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Reports of the formators in the project
"The child Jesus from Nazareth"
Cruzeiro do Sul, 13.9.2005

Some little stories of success . The formators are speaking about their work with the children.

"With love nothing is impossible" and love creates miracles. The proof for these words taken from the Bible we find in the activities of the young women, who are caring for the handicapped children in our project "The child Jesus from Nazareth". I have asked them to tell some stories with the one or the other child. Let them talk to us, every report speaks about the situation of the human being, which could be changed for the better:...

Report of Case Worker Roneide da Silva Oliveira (24) speaking of Adroaldo de Oliveira Junior, in Rodrigues Alves

Roneide and Adroaldo
The complete name of Junior is Adroaldo de Oliveira Junior, son of Adraoldo Alencar Rodrigues and Maria Uilse Pinheiro Rodrigues and was born on June 21, 1988. I have known him since he was three years old. The time passed and it was being perceived that Junior was not developing. When he was 8 years old, his parents separated. All of this gave rise to a disregard for the child. After the separation the mother began to leave at night and leave the child alone in a locked house. Everyone felt pain for him but no one acted to change the situation.

With the Project "Child Jesus of Nazareth", everything changed in the life of Junior, thanks to our Good God. With the visit of us, the case workers, with the coordinators and even with Fr Herbert, Junior's life became worthy. Today Junior is 16 years old with almost 2 years of help. He shows a new way of conducting himself and in relating to others. All our work was done so that he would develop in various aspects including the psychological. In the beginning Junior could not turn over. He remained lying down, locked in the room alone. Today the room is clean and he sleeps in a bed. He can roll from one side to the other. When seated and braced he remains for some time. Each day it is possible to see that he is developing.

When we speak to him, Junior hears us, begins to laugh, remains content and looks to us as a sign that he is happy. He is able to hold on to objects and has gained balance in the neck. With all of these successes, I am very happy because I know that my work is helping to better the life of someone who very much needs it.

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