Hilfe für Kinder in Brasilien - Behinderte Sehbehinderte

Hilfsprojekte für behinderte Kinder am Amazonas in Brasilien Acre Cruzeiro do Sul

Missionsprojekte, missionarische Arbeit: Hilfsprojekte für behinderte Kinder, Spiritaner-Missionare.

P. Herbert Douteil CSSp
Projekt Jesuskind
Diözese Cruzeiro do Sul / Brasilien

Missionsarbeit am Oberlauf des Amazonas

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Formation Class for the "Children of Jesus of Nazareth"
Cruzeiro do Sul, den 26.05.2006

Professor Rosane Vargas of the University of Rio Grande do Sul - collaborator of "Christoffel-Blinden-Mission" - finally arrived for her visit after a journey of more than 3000 km. She conducted classes on May 23-25 for the 23 case workers and 3 coordinators of our Project as well as those invited from the State School "Father Alfred Nuss" for students with hearing impediments. (The school was named in memory of our fellow priest who drowned a few days before Christmas, 1978 in the Natal River).

The two days were full of intensive and exhausting study in which Professor Rosane used all of her talents of a fluent speaker, the hand motions and the modern means of computerized multimedia. Unfortunately, she was not able to do more than plant the seeds of information - we will need to wait until the case workers are able to transform this knowledge into action in their daily work with the happily few children and youth with impaired hearing who are enrolled in the Project.

The rehearsal and the performance of the song composed by Erasmo Carlos summarized marvelously almost all of our work in the Project Child Jesus of Nazareth - it only lacked the invocation of the helping grace of the Divine Holy Spirit who for us is in first place and whom we need to invoke in these days of preparation for the feast of Pentecost. The very optimistic content is also used in the southern part of Brazil and can be transmitted with explanatory motions also for those with hearing-speakingimpediments:

Seeds of Tomorrow by Erasmo Carlos:

1. Yesterday a child who was playing spoke to me - that today is the seed of tomorrow - Do not have fear - this time is passing - Do not despair - and d do not stop dreaming.

2. Do not surrender - Begin again with the new day - Let the light of the sun shine in your eyes.

3. Have faith in life - Faith in mankind - Faith in the future - We can do all - We can do more - Let us do what will be.

At the end of the class, each one received what was his: Professor Rosane - a small present but chosen with much love; the participants - a signed certificate with a friendly embrace; and the readers of this page a picture which shows all the participants on a staircase . Today being the feast of the Ascension of our Lord, it is a symbol of His Ascension to heaven and of our rising to heaven which we realize step by step.

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